wedding ceilidh & cover band


Anne Dickson

Vocals / Guitar

Anne started performing at the age of 12 and was soon making a name for herself on the Folk Music circuit.
As well as heading up the band, Anne can also be heard as a soloist and recording artist.

Calum Beange

Lead guitar/ fiddle/ mandolin & vocals

Calum started off as a fiddle player on the Scottish music scene and his since diversified his talents. He has also worked with Panache and the Elm Street Boys.

Dougie Edwards

Keyboard / Guitar

Dougie is a founder member and the business head of the band.

Ali Mutch

Sax / Vocals

As a youngster, Ali started playing with his parents Scottish dance band. He has also worked with The Heat, Mojo Pep and the Elm Street Boys.

Dougie Edwards Jnr.

Bass Guitar / Vocals

A talented young musician who on completing his degree in popular music travelled the world with the signed band, The Jyrojets. Dougie now teaches Bass and Guitar.

Sam McLeod

Drums / Piano

Sam divides his time between the Anne Dickson Band and the popular ska band, Bombskare. When he is not driving to gigs or sleeping in his van, Sam finds time to teach drumming.

Ronnie Douglas

Accordionist/ piper

Ronnie also works as a soloist and can be booked as a wedding piper. Tel: 01463 220851.


Martin Oparka


Martin is a guitar teacher to trade but is also a talented drummer who fills in for us when Sam is unavailable

Graeme Mackay

Button Box

Graeme is also available for solo bookings.
Visit his website on

The list of other talented musicians who also play with The Anne Dickson Band on different occasions include Roya MacLean, Karen Ferguson. Matthew Maclennan and Stewart Walker  accordion, Maraid Walker fiddle, Christopher Edwards on bass.

Michael MacLennan

Keyboard / Vocals

Michael is now living in Ireland and playing as a solo artist, only playing with the band on very rare occasions.

Since completing his studies at the prestigious London Royal College of Music, Michael’s own songs can be downloaded from.