wedding ceilidh & cover band


How many hours do you play?
We normally play from 8pm-12am with a break during the evening buffet.

Where are you based ?
We are based in Carrbridge.

How long does it take you to set up?
We can be set up and ready to play within 30 minutes.

Do you play music during your break?
We can provide music during the break. Alternatively you can provide us with an ipod or cd with your own chosen playlist.

Can we choose any song for our first dance?
Yes. we will always try to play the first dance for you live but it is quite common for a first dance to be played from cd or ipod especially if the bride and groom have rehearsed to a specific recording,

How much do you cost?
Please contact us for a quote.

Can I provisionally book the band?
Your date can be reserved for a maximum of two weeks. If another couple enquire regarding securing your date during this time I will contact you and offer you first opportunity to confirm your booking.

How do I book?
Firstly, contact us to check we have your date available. your booking is secured with a £200 deposit made payable to D. Edwards. The balance is payable by cheque no later than 1 week before the date or cash on the night.

Can I choose the set I want at my wedding?
With years of experience in entertainment we feel we are best equipped to choose the songs and the order in which we play them. As a wedding band we try to cater for all ages and tastes in music, this is partly what you are paying us for. However feel free to request any songs you would like and if they are in our repetoire we will ensure they are played. We do not issue a set list as it can vary depending on the musicians we use on the night.

My Uncle is a great singer; can he come up and sing a song?
No problem! We’re always up for a bit of fun.

What time will you turn up?
Usually we will arrive about 7.30

Can we reduce the size of the band and get it cheaper?
Yes we can reduce the number of members we take out if required down to a minimum of 4 this would not include Ceilidh, The cost would also be reduced.